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The recession has had an incredibly negative effect on the hiring market. A recession is a major contraction of the economy which results in more firings and downsizing—which only serves to increase the unemployment numbers. With other companies also suffering, there are far fewer job openings available. This means that there are many more employed and much fewer available jobs—creating a tension in the labor market because of increased competitiveness.

The increased competitiveness that has resulted from the recession has led many job seekers to give up looking for work. They have asked around for work, gone to local businesses to ask if they are hiring, looked through newspaper classifieds, and sifted through local employment guides—only to give up from frustration.

Instead of giving up after all of this, job seekers should go to before using any of these other methods. By doing this, job seekers can ensure that they will have maximum access to job openings and the hiring managers that make decisions about them. makes use of the most recent technologies and innovative methods in order to find gainful employment for job seekers and find the right employees for hiring managers. is the first resource job seekers should make use of.