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The recruiting industry is a field that is not widely recognized as important, but it nevertheless serves a monumental purpose. Connecting those who wish to be employed with those who wish to do the employing is a vital task that not everyone is suited for. It is an industry in and of itself, one that thrives on finding other people work and on finding the right applicants for companies in need of employees. The recruiting industry has taken on a new importance since the recession hit, too. is a company that is currently selling a number of domain names related to the recruiting industry. These domain names would be great for recruiting companies operating in specific geographic areas or for recruiting companies working in specific industries. There is something there for virtually any recruiting industry niche. The for sale list on’s front page is only a partial list of the domain names they have for sale. Each of the domains that is for sale is valued at tens of thousands of dollars, but is being sold at a discounted rate in order to move it quickly.

Why are domain names so important? In business, they say “location, location, location” is what makes or breaks a firm. On the Internet, your location is your domain name. That is how people find you. A short, catchy, memorable domain name is essential because of the competitiveness that one finds on the Internet.

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