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The recession has had an incredibly negative effect on the hiring market. A recession is a major contraction of the economy which results in more firings and downsizing—which only serves to increase the unemployment numbers. With other companies also suffering, there are far fewer job openings available. This means that there are many more employed and much fewer available jobs—creating a tension in the labor market because of increased competitiveness.

The increased competitiveness that has resulted from the recession has led many job seekers to give up looking for work. They have asked around for work, gone to local businesses to ask if they are hiring, looked through newspaper classifieds, and sifted through local employment guides—only to give up from frustration.

Instead of giving up after all of this, job seekers should go to before using any of these other methods. By doing this, job seekers can ensure that they will have maximum access to job openings and the hiring managers that make decisions about them. makes use of the most recent technologies and innovative methods in order to find gainful employment for job seekers and find the right employees for hiring managers. is the first resource job seekers should make use of.


Imagine a pair of train tracks. The left track is well-selected target companies. The right track is your network. If the companies are well selected and your network is large, you cannot help but to succeed in your job search.

Well-selected target companies are those that based on careful research have the characteristics of a set of needs you could fulfill. It would be very similar to marketing a new automobile. The best potential recipients for your direct mailing of an expensive brochure will be describable in terms of gender, age, zip code, last model purchased, how long since last purchase. If you get the demographics right, you will get a superior response rate than if you get them wrong. Similarly there are demographics that describe the companies that you will get you the best response rate.

It is important to keep in mind though that this data is dynamic and requires adjustment. The original crossover vehicles (CUVs), like the Honda CRV, Toyota RAV4 and Nissan Rogue were aimed at young men yet they have sold best to middle-aged women. Once the car manufacturers learned this, they adjusted their advertising and marketing strategy.

Likewise, in a job search, events in the news, called “job triggers”, inform us to change our target company list. A cash-poor company may be rejected by you today but when you read the news that it has attracted venture capital or been acquired by a company intending to infuse capital, that company now belongs on the list.

Stanley Milgram’s Six Degrees of Separation research tells us that your potential hiring manager at each target company can absolutely be reached through networking through plus or minus 5 parties via 6 “hops”. According to Facebook, “the number of “hops” or connections required to get from one person to another in virtually any location around the world (any location with internet access and Facebook users, that is) was six, and more than 90 percent of users were actually connected by 5 hops — equivalent to four degrees of separation rather than Milgram’s six. And the number of hops has actually decreased over time: Facebook said the average distance was 5.28 in 2008 and it is now just 4.7.”

The larger your network and the more tools you use – Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+, Twitter, Plaxo Pulse, Networking Meetings – the fewer hops you need to connect to the person who could hire you at your target companies.

To master the train tracks to job search success, contact ExecuJobs, an executive career marketing firm that works with executives to provide the market research tools and techniques and well as the expertise to maximize Social Media. All clients gain access to an outstanding market research tool, custom built for job seekers, as well as the opportunity to join our very large and well-developed online networks. For more information contact ExecuJobs @ or call 800.767.0691. is a Company

The recruiting industry is a field that is not widely recognized as important, but it nevertheless serves a monumental purpose. Connecting those who wish to be employed with those who wish to do the employing is a vital task that not everyone is suited for. It is an industry in and of itself, one that thrives on finding other people work and on finding the right applicants for companies in need of employees. The recruiting industry has taken on a new importance since the recession hit, too. is a company that is currently selling a number of domain names related to the recruiting industry. These domain names would be great for recruiting companies operating in specific geographic areas or for recruiting companies working in specific industries. There is something there for virtually any recruiting industry niche. The for sale list on’s front page is only a partial list of the domain names they have for sale. Each of the domains that is for sale is valued at tens of thousands of dollars, but is being sold at a discounted rate in order to move it quickly.

Why are domain names so important? In business, they say “location, location, location” is what makes or breaks a firm. On the Internet, your location is your domain name. That is how people find you. A short, catchy, memorable domain name is essential because of the competitiveness that one finds on the Internet.

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